Dr. Robert Behnke: A Life With Trout

Author and researcher Dr. Robert Behnke is one of the world’s foremost authorities on trout and salmon species. Listen to his down-to-earth explanations of the creation of cutthroat trout, the salvation of the Greenback and Lahontan cutthroat subspecies, and a fish called onchonychus clarki behnkeii.

Podcast Excerpt: “When I first started working on trout in 1957, and I was a graduate student, that was my master’s thesis, to set out to find the ‘extinct’ Bonneville Lahontan cutthroat. And I did that, and when I came to Colorado I began to look for the ‘extinct’ greenback cutthroat, and found that too. And the problem was, that if you found these fish, you wouldn’t be able to recognize them because there was nothing in the literature, no descriptive or diagnostic information that you could use to get a positive identification.”

Podcast music by permission of Old Medicine Crow Show.