Behind the Scenes with Larry Kenney

Larry Kenney describes 1960s San Francisco, when he had a bird’s eye view of the founding of the Scott Fly Rod Company and the early development of graphite rods. Don’t miss his unique perspective on the surprising San Francisco, California roots of fly fishing, and the many ways the company scene has changed over the last fifty years. His comments on fiberglass rods may have you wondering whether the revolution in rod design is really over.

Podcast Excerpt: “I got hooked into fly fishing in the mid-60s in college at Berkeley when I was doing a lot of backpacking. And I thought I had good equipment, but one of my friends, who had more disposable income that the rest of us, showed up one time with a 4-piece Winston glass rod for a number 5 line and my eyes were opened to that fact that the equipment I had, while decent, was nowhere near as good as his, and since my father wasn’t going to lend me his E. C. Powell rods I had to do something.”

Podcast music by permission of Old Medicine Crow Show.