FFI FishFest Exhibitor Booth Space Sold Out

Fly Fishers International has announced that exhibitor booth space for their FishFest set to be held August 7-11, 2018, in Boise Idaho, has now sold out.

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Tippets: Trout Season, Fishing the Salmonfly Hatch

  • Kyle Toyama writes about the annual start of trout season, fishing the celebrated waters of the Yellowstone Valley. “This ritual and these experiences have become such an ingrained part of my life and especially my spring,” he writes, “it brings with it the anticipation of what the rest of the summer holds and it celebrates the first major hatch of the year, which is why we were here, again, on time.” Via Sage.
  • Doug Casey of Montana Angler Fly Fishing outlines key techniques and tactics for fishing the salmonfly hatch on the Madison River. From rigging to timing, read more via Orvis.
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Tippets: Double Streamers on “In the Loop,” Right Brain Retrieve Podcast

  • In the most recent episode of Redington’s “In the Loop,” learn how to fish a double streamer rig. “Flatbrim Billy explains the dos and don’ts of a double streamer rig,” following the old adage that “if one is good, two must be better.”
  • In the most recent episode of the new podcast Right Brain Retrieve, listen to the conversation as Paul Puckett talks with guests about their creative backgrounds and careers in the outdoor industry. “We are happy to be joined by Jeremy Clark, a surprise attack from the Barely Live Crew, Drew Chicone and RiverHorse Nakadante.”
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Tippets: Signs of Climate Change on Montana’s Rivers, Land and Water Conservation Fund, Beaver Populations an Ally for The West

  • Signs of climate changes are evident on the most famous rivers in Montana. In a recent article on High Country News, Meera Subramanian examines the politics of anglers and climate change, which “is having a profound influence on flyfishing, from the timing of insect hatches to the long-term survival of the fish that give this sport its meaning.”
  • The Land and Water Conservation Fund protects threatened access and opens new access to public lands and waters.  Now nearing the end of its three-year authorization, “If Zinke does not find the nerve to speak up publicly for the LWCF, or if Congress doesn’t intervene, the fund will lapse into its most meager state since its creation.” Read more from Elliot D. Woods via Outside Online.
  • Dwindling water supplies in the West are getting help from a surprising ally: beavers. “Beaver dams improve water quality, trap and store carbon—and in the aggregate could be a significant way of storing groundwater in dry climates,” writes Luke Runyon. Via KUNC.
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Tippets: Podcast Interview with Andreas Andersson, Fly Fishing Accessories

  • In the most recent episode of The Itinerant Angler podcast, Zach Matthews hosts Swedish fly tier Andreas Andersson. Listen to their conversation about international fly tying and fishing here.
  • There is no shortage of fly fishing accessories on the market, and in the most recent “Getting Started in Fly Fishing Series,” Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters outlines which are great choices and which you can do without.
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New Fly Fishing Books

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Tippets: Loon Live, Fishing From Drift Boats

  • In the most recent Loon Live, learn how to tie two great nymphs: the nymph equivalent to the El Vato Caddis dry pattern and The Jock, a hot-headed attractor nymph.
  • Fishing from a drift boat offers anglers many advantages, but it also presents a learning curve if you’re used to wade fishing. In this article, Louis Cahill details 15 of his top tops for effectively fishing from a drift boat. Via Gink & Gasoline.
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Video: How to Tie a Bird’s Nest Sulphur Emerger

A modified version of Cal Bird’s Bird’s Nest Sulphur Emerger is the subject of this week’s featured tying video.  As Tim Flagler says, “t’s an extremely versatile pattern that can be fished wet or dry, dead drifted or swung.”

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Keepemwet Fishing Receives Fisheries Fund Grant

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced Keepemwet Fishing as a recipient of a Fisheries Fund grant, to support their work on education about catch-and-release and proper fish handling techniques.

Read more in the press release below. Continue reading

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Joe Brooks Documentary to Air on Outdoor Sportsman Networks

Joe Brooks was a pioneer of modern fly fishing and developed techniques still in use today. A new documentary highlights his life and work both on and off the water. “From his privileged youth to a broken alcoholic to one of the most revered sportsmen of his time, Joe’s life is as complex as it is inspirational. Few people manage to change themselves in any meaningful way. But Joe did and, in doing so, he changed the world of fly fishing.” The documentary will air on Outdoor Sportsman Group channels over Father’s Day weekend: on World Fishing Network June 15, 16, and 17; on Outdoor Channel June 16; on Sportsman Channel June 15th. Check local listings for air times.

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