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Podcast Interview: Waterstrider Inventor Dave Inks


This week on MidCurrent we chat with Dave Inks, inventor of a personal watercraft called the Waterstrider. Dave was born in Montana and started out in the fishing industry over 40 years ago. He helped start the Federation of Fly … more

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Video: Sawyer Square Top V-Lam Oars


Zac Kauffman of Sawyer Paddles and Oars explains their newest oar, called the Squaretop V-Lam. Besides being one of the prettiest oars I’ve ever seen it’s also incredibly rugged and rower-friendly.  It’s described by Sawyer as, “a solid wood oar … more

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Video: Flycraft Stealth Fishing Watercraft


If you’re the type of person that likes fishing from boats and doesn’t have the space to store a trailer, raft or drift boat but wants something rugged, river worthy and well designed, do yourself a favor and check out … more

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Video: The World’s Best Rod Holder for Rafts

I’ve struggled for years with how to go about setting up a rod holder on my fishing raft. I’ve built an handful, tried a few manufactured types, and sat around with friends trying to build one that would be low-profile, … more

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Video: Hobie Mirage Drive “Sport” Kayak Redesign


Last year Hobie redesigned one of their most popular Mirage drive kayaks for fly anglers and conventional anglers alike and called it the Sport.  Here fishing product manager Morgan Promnitz explains its wealth of features.

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Video: Hobie Pro Angler 12 Fishing Kayak


Fishing Product Manager Morgan Promnitz for Hobie shows off the Hobie Pro Angler 12 fishing kayak. This isn’t your granddad’s fishing kayak! Standard features like the foot pedal mirage drive, luxurious adjustable seating, dry storage, grip pads for casting, etc. … more

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Video: Outcast Sporting Gear’s Award-Winning Frameless Watercraft


Outcast Sporting Gear’s 35-pound frameless personal watercraft took home top honors at this year’s International Fly Tackle Dealer show. Here Chris Callanan, Marketing Director for the company, explains why.

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New Osprey Fishing Paddle Board

Combining stability and portability, The Creek Company has introduced a new stand-up paddleboard to its product lineup. The Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP is now available for summer fishing. Read more in the press release below.

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Video: What’s In Your Boat Bag?

Andy Toohey, owner of Boulder Boat Works, shares with us what he typically carries in his Famous 2500 Umpqua boat bag for a typical summer day while fishing from one of his polymer boats.

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Hell’s Bay Military Appreciation Initiative

Ever a supporter of non-profits, community, and conservation groups, Hell’s Bay Boatworks have announced their new Military Appreciation Initiative, taking veterans as well as active duty personnel out for a guided day on the water by Pro Staff Members. Read … more

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