Gear Review: Hatch Nomad 2 Plier

Hatch Nomad 2 Fishing Pliers

Hatch Nomad 2 Plier

Every so often, a product is released and it becomes a standard-bearer. This is the case with the Hatch Nomad 2 fishing plier. Design, materials, machining tolerances, assembly and finishing are equal to that of reels in the four-figure range.

The plier body is balanced, lightweight, and ergonomic and features a perfectly calibrated auto-tensioner that functions smoothly with the requisite tungsten carbide cutters. It also sports a lightly sand-blasted, non-slip matte finish which is non-reflective–as all fishing implements ought to be.

The jaws are designed and machined to perfection, and they’re deceptively aggressive: they feature an arc pattern that is unmatched for hook extraction or rigging. Upon close inspection, you’ll note that those tiny arcs are machined in 3D: the pattern builds up sharp–something I have yet to see on any other plier. I tested the Nomad 2 model, which is the smaller of two offered: it can take on big tasks, but will also deftly handle the smallest trout.

The Nomad 2 comes with a top-shelf, US-made leather sheath which easily qualifies as a stand-alone product.

Highly recommended.