Gear: Bits & Pieces

Loon Fly Fishing

Loon Outdoors has one of the best websites and an online catalog with an extensive range of fly fishing accessories.

I recently tested several Loon Outdoors products, floatants as well as line cleaners and conditioners, and they all worked superbly. I tested 7 products in all but was particularly impressed with LINE SPEED: a line cleaner/conditioner that cleverly includes a UV blocker that will prolong line life, especially if you fish the tropics. What was most surprising, however, is the Loon Outdoors website catalog itself. If you’re a fan of one-stop shopping, look no further than Loon.  They offer no less than 5 different line cleaning solutions, one well-designed and built-to-last line cleaning device, seven (!) floatant options, four desiccants, four sinking solutions, reel lube, UV repair kits, tying tools, indicators, and more. Highly recommended.

BUFF has upped skin protection with the new UVX Face Mask.  It’s similar to a pull-on cold weather hood, but built for the tropics. If offers well-tailored, quick on/off UV protection in a variety of fishy prints. The UVX mask will also combat wind burn. An essential for the tropics.

RIO Fishpond Headgate Tippet Tender

The Headgate tippet tender comes with five spools of RIO Powerflex tippet.

RIO and Fishpond USA have teamed up to offer a preloaded tippet tender. Five spools of RIO Powerflex tippet (includes 2X to 6X) loaded onto Fishpond’s robust yet lightweight Headgate tippet tender. A great package at $39.95.

SIMMS’s Deceiver long sleeve shirt is loaded with features: airflow enhanced design to keep you cool, hidden fly box-ready chest pockets with Velcro closure, internally located sunglass chamois, and button retainers for sleeves. One of the few (and fewer) fishing-specific 100% Chambray cotton shirts currently available. UPF 20.