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Carp-It Bomb Fly Matt Bennett

Carp-It Bomb, Dark Olive

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Carp-It Bomb

Dark Olive, Size 6

When you’re unsure about proper color choice, matching the bottom of the water you’re fishing is rarely a bad choice.  Most prey items like crawfish and damsel/dragonfly nymphs are camouflaged to blend in with their natural environment.  This color matches a local creek during the majority of the year, while the brighter previous slide shows a color I fish more during the summer when we get a fair amount of bright green moss covering the bottom.


  • Ahrex NS430 Size 6
  • Veevus 140D Power Thread – Olive
  • Bead Chain Eyes – Large Black
  • Nature’s Spirit Marabou Dark Olive
  • Hareline Crazy Legs – Lt. Olive Purple Green Flake
  • Hareline Cohen’s Carp Dub – Rain Forest Green
  • Loon Flow UV