William G. Tapply

William G. Tapply lived in southern New Hampshire and was the author of many books, including the novel Bitch Creek, Tap’s Tips: Practical Advice for All Outdoorsmen, and the Brady Coyne mysteries, the most recent of which is Out Cold. William G. Tapply died July 28, 2009 at his home in Hancock, NH, after a tough battle with leukemia.

Author Articles

The Perfect 10: New England Natives

TODAY'S NEW ENGLAND anglers enjoy a tremendous variety of options. Our coldwater streams and lakes abound with self-sustaining populations of European brown trout and western rainbows, often happily mingled with smallmouth bass and northern pike. Our warmwater ponds and lakes hold southern interlopers such as bluegills and largemouth bass. Our coastal...

From Bobs to Bugs, A Little History

“BASS-BUGGING,” wrote Ray Bergman, “is a type of fly-rod fishing that was born and raised right here in America. Considering that most fly fishing dates well back into English history, it’s a young sport, young enough that as a boy [Bergman was born in 1891] I was among the first to fish these big bugs in this way.” Actually, bass-bug fishing is...

Gray Ghost

THE ALARM IN STONEY CALHOUN'S HEAD jangled at 2:55, five minutes before the redundant wind-up clock beside his bed was scheduled to go off. Calhoun’s internal alarm hadn’t failed him yet, but he still didn’t quite trust it. He lay there for a minute, looking out the window at the woods and sky. The stars were bright up there beyond the pines, and...