Thomas McGuane

Thomas McGuane is the author of many acclaimed novels and fishing books, including The Sporting Club, The Bushwacked Piano, Ninety-Two in the Shade, Panama, Nobody’s Angel, Something to Be Desired, Keep the Change, Nothing But Blue Skies, The Cadence of Grass, Gallatin Canyon, and Driving on the Rim. He is also the author of Some Horses and An Outside Chance, a collection of essays, and is an editorial board member for MidCurrent.

Author Articles

"The Longest Silence"

WHAT IS MOST emphatic in angling is made so by the long silences — the unproductive periods. For the ardent fisherman, progress is toward the kinds of fishing that are never productive in the sense of the blood riots of the hunting-and-fishing periodicals. Their illusions of continuous action evoke for him, finally, a condition of utter, mortuary boredom...

The Longest Silence

Small Streams in Michigan THE FIRST FLY ROD I ever owned was eight feet of carpet beatermade by a company whose cork grips were supplied by myfather. My father worked for a Portuguese cork company whose ownersswam at Estoril and supplied our family with innumerable objects ofcork, including cork shoes, cork boxes, cork purses, and unidentifiedflying cork...

"Foundationless Opinions"

EVERY FLY FISHERMAN has an unreasoning view of fly rods; and I am no different. Generally, we are united in the belief that all rod design has been progressive and that the ideas about fly rods in the past were so bad as to make it amazing that people were able to fish at all. This is based in good American fashion on the belief that angling is progressive...