Steve Raymond

Steve Raymond is the author of Rivers of the Heart, Steelhead Country, The Year of the Angler, The Year of the Trout, and other fly fishing books.  A winner of the Roderick Haig-Brown Award for significant contributions to angling literature, Raymond also has been editor of The Fly Fisher and Fly Fishing in Saltwaters magazines.

Author Articles

"Calm, Cool, and Collected"

Many of the autographed books in my library contain typically inane inscriptions, but there are also some pretty good ones, and a few that have special meaning for me. The late Stanley Bascom, who, under the pseudonym Milford Poltroon, edited the extremely funny “piscatorial periodical” known as The Wretched Mess News, sent me a copy of his 1971 book...

"The Man Who Came Back as a Trout"

Sam spent the whole summer under the cut bank, watching scores of fishermen come and go even while he grew steadily larger on the rich diet served by the stream. He looked on with amusement as anglers tried to solve the tricky current and somehow get their flies under the cut bank. Most failed, but Sam was contemptuous even of the few who succeeded. He...

"Blue Upright"

IT WAS MY FIRST FISHING trip to the spring creeks around Sun Valley, Idaho, and I needed advice about where to go and what flies to use. A friendly clerk behind the counter at Dick Alf's fly shop answered my questions and helped me choose some flies from the large selection on display. Most of the fly patterns were familiar, but then something different...