Steve Kantner

Steve Kantner is a Florida-based fishing guide and casting instructor whose articles have appeared in numerous outdoors periodicals. He can be reached via his Web site at www.landcaptain.com.

Author Articles

"Dotty" Ballantyne: The Triumph of Wit and Will

TWO DECADES AGO, Dotty Ballantyne was vacationing with her teenaged sons in Jackson, Wyoming. She and her sister owned a mountain home there. That’s when she decided that her family should all learn to fly fish. What followed now carries Dotty on a whirlwind romp through the rarified heights of competitive angling. A Baltimore native and a graduate of...

Alligator Alley and Tamiami Trail

Several major highways either traverse or border the Everglades, and they provide access for fishermen. I discuss all of them below. While the majority of anglers fish the swamps from a motorboat, you’ll find ample opportunity as a walk-in angler—especially if you bring a canoe. Alligator Alley Arguably the most popular highway with fishermen is the...

Saltwater: The Flies That Caught the Records

AS OFFICIAL Valhalla of competitive anglers, the International Game Fish Association preserves all line-test world records. In the case of fly fishing, IGFA often keeps the fly that set the standard. Recently, the IGFA allowedSaltwater Fly Fishing to research its files for the patterns that caught the largest specimens of fly rodding's most popular...