Sarah Grigg

Sarah Grigg started as an intern for the Henry’s Fork Foundation in 2003, and since then has been a part of diverse conservation projects in the Greater Yellowstone region. Her writing credits may be viewed at www.shgrigg.com

Author Articles

"Going Native"

“Wilderness is a temporary condition through which we are passing to the Promised Land.” — Cotton Mather, American Witch Hunter Somewhere between Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine, a purple sky met the green prairie grass, the endless white dashed lines of the flat highway funneling into the storm. Viridescent lightning cracked through a towering...

Interview with Rene Harrop

In the course of a lifetime, I have heard the voices and met the ghosts who guard the sacred places. Although forceful in their presence and insistent in their will, they have never told me what not to do.  But sometimes, when I stray from what is important and what is real, they tell me who I am. – René Harrop (Trout Hunter, 2004) In June 2004, I was...