Ryan Fries

A University of Montana graduate, Ryan Fries’s geology work there was integral to the Milltown Dam Removal Project on the Clark Fork River. He now lives in Farmington, Michigan where he teaches English, guides for steelhead and trout, and frequently harasses the staff at Schultz Outfitters.

Author Articles

"Bar Flies"

“Some people never go crazy….” – Charles Bukowski They shuffle in through the dual 8 foot wooden doors in twos, threes and single file, in a haste to escape the arctic temps, the barrage of snow, and the face-stinging winds that have become signature to the fittingly coined “Polar Vortex” of 2014. Work boots trample slush over rubber mats and...

"Shooting from the Hip"

Not all hitchhiking signs are created alike and mine looked like redneck graffiti. Finding a piece of cardboard lying around the house big enough to write the word “MISSOULA” so passing motorists can read it is no easy task. Neither is choosing whether to, a: Drop your last twenty bucks on a ticket to see a band, or b: Fill up on gas, hope you get in...