Peter Shea

An angler since childhood and editor and co-author of the Atlas of Vermont Trout Ponds and Vermont Trout Streams and In the Company of Trout, Peter Shea has had a lifelong love affair with the out of doors and fly fishing. When not traveling in pursuit of trout, he lives in Burlington, Vermont.  His Web site is www.windknotpublishing.com.

Author Articles

"Leadeth Me Beside Still Waters"

There is a powerfully hypnotic allure to the rise of a trout in water that is not moving. I hold a fully animated vision of one, in my mind’s eye. This fluid mandala of a pulsing rise in dark water, so full of promise and mystery, is the central metaphor for my love of stillwater trout fishing. The rise of a trout in still water is entirely different from...

Torngat Mountains

Labrador Arctic Char “At the northern extremity of the Labrador coast, a range of high barren mountains with sharp precipices extending inland from the sea was known to traditional Inuit as the abode of the master spirit in their mythology. Their name for the region, Torngait, meaning a place of spirits, derived from the presence of Torngarsoak who was...