Nick Lyons

Nick Lyons has been an English professor and a book publisher, and the author of many books and articles on fishing.

Author Articles

"Winter Dreams with Sparse"

He walked into my life fifteen years ago, with his pink face and slight stoop, with his three-piece charcoal suit and quarter-inch thick glasses, looking like an antique gnome or a tax collector. His first words to me were an angry growl. “You can’t use it,” he said. I didn’t have the slightest idea who he was and told him so. “Alfred W...

At the Second Bend Pool

The East Branch, skirting the base of the bench, thick with willows, cattails, and marsh, bore little resemblance to the West Branch or the main stem of Spring Creek. It was a moody, mysterious place. The water was thinner here, and there were fewer bends. In only a run or two, and usually only within inches of the far bank, could you expect to raise a...