Mike Rice

Mike Rice grew up hunting, fishing, skiing and climbing in the mountains of northern New England. After spending his first thirty plus years following the jack-of-all-trades career program, he located to Boston’s south shore where he was introduced to saltwater fly fishing. In 2000 he started Mud Dog Saltwater Flies as a “full-time part-time” side business and has been tying flies for east coast fly shops and guides since. Rice wrote regularly for the now defunct Flyfishing New England and Flyfishing Mid-Atlantic States magazines, has given presentations and tying lessons at fly shops and fishing clubs, is an ambassador for the American Museum of Fly Fishing and a Regal Vise endorsed fly tier. In 2013 he started his blog, Backwater Flats, to tell the stories of the people, places and fish he encounters on the water.

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I spent just over the first half of my life in the mountains of Maine and Vermont. Where ever I was, I always felt a strong connection to water; streams, rivers and lakes always filled my mind with wonder of the life they held and the places they led to. Growing up in Maine we were just an hour from the ocean. In the seventies that seemed like half a world...