Michael Gracie

Michael Gracie is a sometimes information technology and finance consultant and a full-time fly-fishing junkie. A native Floridian, authorities transplanted him into the Rocky Mountains for the sole purpose of refining his very light tackle skills, but were ultimately dismayed when he found out that common carp will eat bonefish flies. Michael’s writing credits include Military Information Technology and Angling Trade, as well as a sizable chunk of the code that brings MidCurrent to you each and every day. He can be found purveying useful tidbits on a variety of subjects (but weighted towards fly-fishing) at michaelgracie.com.

Author Articles

Long-Term Rod Review: Scott S4S 906/4

I've pulled off a few half-fast rod reviews in the past, only to find some quirk down the road that made me dislike the stick. And go looking for something new. Hence, this review is long term, as I've owned the Scott S4S 906/4 for better than eighteen months now. As rods go, I've pared down my quiver considerably in the past few years. The goal: update my...

Movie Review: "Connect" from Confluence Films

WHEN A FILM combines exotic locales and hungry fish, you get fly fishing tourism. Weave in a carefully cultivated soundtrack, and it becomes entertainment. Examine not just angling culture, but that of the destinations, and you have documentary. Roll the story with superb cinematography and it borders on art. Clearly these people hadn't seen this type of...

Carrying On: the Innovative Nomad Fly-Fishing Guide Net

AS FLY FISHERS, we are constantly inundated with marketing pomp disguised as newfangled gadgetry that will help us catch more fish. A rod made of materials fresh off the space shuttle, a drag designed in conjunction with Brembo and Team Ferrari, or a line that both defies gravity and the visible light spectrum (unless you're wearing the matching sunglasses...