Martin Donovan

Martin Donovan is a writer and a former riverkeeper on the Lower Test at Nursling, England. He currently keeps the Whitchurch beat, a quiet and scenic stretch of the River Test with lots of rising trout and comparatively few poachers, along his wife, three children, and two dogs. In recent years he’s fished in Cuba, New Zealand, and the West Indies, but his true passion will always be Atlantic salmon, wild brown trout, and the health of the English chalkstreams.

Author Articles

Keeper: The Dead Cow Department

THE BANKS OF a Hampshire chalkstream are a great place to meet unusual and eccentric people from all walks of life. Over past few years I’ve had opportunity to fish with all manner of humankind: the rich and the famous, captains of industry, sportsmen, politicians, and plenty of so-called celebrities. The great majority of them were very nice; even some...