Lee Spencer

Lee Spencer is the FishWatch caretaker at the Big Bend Pool of Steamboat Creek. He lives on site in a trailer provided by the North Umpqua Foundation. In addition to his duties of educating visitors and deterring would-be poachers, he takes careful notes about his observations for field research, which are often used by biologists and employees of the Forest Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Spencer was featured in the documentary “DamNation.” (Patagonia, 2014).

Author Articles

Book Excerpt: A Temporary Refuge

Wild summer steelhead, an anadromous variety of rainbow trout, have a complex life cycle that passes through at least seven life stages. For their first two years, the majority of these juvenile fish make use of their natal stream from its headwaters to ultimately reach the ocean, where they spend an additional two years far out beyond the coastal zones in...