Landon Mayer

Landon Mayer is a fly-fishing instructor, guide, and writer with nearly two decades of experience. He is a contributing writer for Fly Fisherman and High Country Angler, and his contributions have also been featured in Field & Stream, Fly Rod & Reel, American Angler, and Fly Fisherman magazines. Landon’s previous books include Sight Fishing for Trout, Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing, 101 Trout Tips, and How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Author Articles

Rigging Streamers for Trout Fishing

Leader and Tippet Selection While fishing streamers you can use heavy leaders and tippets that prevent the trout from breaking off before the knot pulls loose. I got this advice from my good friend John Barr. I was using 3X for streamers, but John said, “If the fish is willing to commit to taking a streamer on 3X fluorocarbon, it will not shy away from a...

The Imaginary Line

The simple details are what make you a better angler. One of my biggest learning moments in fly fishing was when I discovered the imaginary line. It was on the South Platte River in one of the prettiest sections of Colorado, Eleven Mile Canyon, in the summer of 1998. This setting at the base of towering round granite rock walls is a trout hunter’s...