Keith Stamm

Keith Stamm grew up in southwestern Wisconsin close to the famous driftless area spring creeks. Those creeks became his first “home water.” He earned a Ph.D. in mass communications research and taught at the Universities of North Dakota and Indiana before moving to the Northwest in the early 1970s. At the University of Washington he taught and conducted research on the role of mass media in public understanding of environmental issues. Now retired, he continues to fish and explore the waters of the Cascades, Rocky Mountains, and British Columbia, often backpacking into remote areas. He resides in Seattle where he is active in the Olympic Fly Fishers as club scribe and fly-tying instructor. He can be reached at: [email protected].

Author Articles

There's a Cougar Out There

Venturing “out there” in the never-ending search for a bit of home water has its risks. They are different but probably more easily dealt with than the unpredictable collisions in the black hole of the city. You might trip and fall on your face, get a cold dunking in the river, or maybe even encounter a dangerous animal. The imagined threats, however...