Juan Calvillo

Juan Calvillo spent the last 25 years photographing people and products for clients from Nikon USA to C.F. Burkheimer to Dansk International Designs. Now he’s turning his cameras on trout, the magnificent rivers in which they swim and wild America. Juan’s quest is to produce books that do justice to the sport of fly-fishing. In 2015 he founded Dancing Redband Publications to help fly-fishers take road trips to some of the most beautiful trout streams on earth. Juan is currently working on Road Trip #3.

Author Articles

Bitterroot River: Mahogany Mayhem and Other Hatches

When asked which was the must-fish hatch on the Bitterroot, Jeff Gray, the owner at The Freestone Fly Shops in Hamilton & Darby, surprised me. I expected Jeff would say the Skwala hatch. Instead he replied, “The Mahogany hatch without a doubt, from mid-September through October.” When asked why, Jeff noted, “There’s less pressure, it’s more...