John Merwin

John Merwin is one of the world’s most widely read angling journalists in his present role as Editor-at-Large of Field & Stream magazine. He was formerly an editor at Fly Fisherman magazine (mid-1970s), the founding editor and publisher of Fly Rod & Reelmagazine (early 1980s), did a hitch as the executive director of The American Museum of Fly Fishing (mid-1980s), and is on the editorial board of MidCurrent. He’s also written or edited more than a dozen fishing books.

Author Articles

John Merwin on Father's Day

USED TO BE I sometimes carried my infant son in a backpack when I went flyfishing. The photo shows one such instance back in 1979. Now 32 years later, he is bigger, stronger, and sometimes even smarter than I am. That's what I think about on Father's Day; not so much about a particular day, but rather fatherhood as a continuum. There has always been fishing...

About That Hook: What Do Trout See?

LAST WEEK I found one of the oldest of fly-fishing questions in a new place. Local guide Brandon Murphy, Ted Leeson, and I were floating the Snake River out of Jackson, Wyoming, on a day when the big river was absurdly high. Some downriver Idaho potato farmers, I was told, needed a shot of irrigation water, which dam-released surge had the fine-spotted...