Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker is a fly fisherman, writer, blogger and photographer living in Northern Michigan. He has fished the breaking stripers at Montauk to the high mountain lakes of Colorado and Washington and the big brook trout of Nipigon. You can keep up with him at his web site, Fontinalis Rising.

Author Articles

Gear for Muskie and Beyond

I’ve recently returned from a backcountry fishing trip for musky. By “backcountry” I mean we boated six miles to an island we like to primitive camp on. While we had the boat for transport, there were three of us and so space was limited. We had a great trip, we all caught fish, ate well and slept well. Over the years I have collected and then...

The Bahamas of Carp Fishing

By now most fly anglers have heard about the fantastic flats-style carp fishing found in northern Lake Michigan. If carp are not your cup of tea, read no further, but if you’re a carp enthusiast willing to travel, Michigan may well be your ultimate destination. Carp fishing is often referred to as brown-lining. But fishing the Lake Michigan flats is...

UP Solitaire: Upper Tahquamenon

I'M FRANTICALLY TRYING TO RETIE. I have my fly in one hand and my curlicued leader in the other.  A sharp pain on my elbow signals yet another deer fly bite.  Several more are circling, landing on my hands and buzzing my hat brim, making life miserable. Sweat is running off my nose, leaking from under my hat, down my neck and face. I'm just as wet inside...