Jason Sheasley

Hydrogeologist Jason Sheasley travels the country with rock hammer in one hand and a fly rod in the other. When not on the water, he can be found toiling over a time-traveling boat that he hopes will one day propel him eight million years into the past where he can fly fish for the largest sea creature known to exist: C. megladon. He is past-president of the First Coast Fly Fishers in Jacksonville, Florida.

Author Articles

Review: "Holding Lies"

THE TROUBLE WITH what passes for fly fishing literature these days is prose that overshadows the fishing, or even worse, fishing that overshadows even weaker prose. Too many current authors attempt to write in the style of Norman Maclean, Thomas McGuane, or David James Duncan—and most fail miserably. Enter writer John Larison, a man with the talent and...

Review: In That Sweet Country

Orion climbs through the trees and I move my camp chair closer to the fire, more for light than warmth. A full moon bathes the Forest Service campground, its pale light covering the ground like newly fallen snow. On this October night the temperature remains unseasonably warm, perfect for camping in late fall. I relax by the fire with a cup of bourbon and a...