Greg Keeler

Greg Keeler is an accomplished musician, writer, painter, fisherman, and English teacher at Montana State University. He has published two memoirs, Waltzing With the Captain:  Remembering Richard Brautigan (Limberlost) and Trash Fish: A Life (Counterpoint). Almost Happy (Limberlost), his latest of seven collections of poetry, was published in the spring of ‘10. He started painting in ’98 and his work has been exhibited in galleries in Bozeman, Livingston, and Butte and appears in such magazines as The Flyfish JournalBig Sky Journal, and Distinctly Montana. His work is on permanent display at Colombo’s Pizza in Bozeman—where you can buy them off the wall cheap if you don’t mind scrubbing off the splattered wine and grease.

Author Articles

Trash Fish: Watermelon, Pop Corn, and a Two-Dimensional Possum

I MENTION THESE various attempts by my Oklahoma kin to procure culinary wonders through questionable methods in order to set the stage for my cousins, Ralph and Leo. They were Grandma’s sister’s sons who lived in their mother’s tarpaper house on the Salt Fork River. When Ralph was a toddler, he had fallen off of the porch of that house and on to a...

Trash Fish: Roadkill Bonanza

PERHAPS I SHOULD WADE OUT of this dream water for a while toward something a little more rational and positive—say, my grandfather. Ah yes, Granddad, my mother’s father, now there’s someone who would never shrink and scream at me from a puddle. Maybe we’d both shrink and scream at someone else from a puddle, but at least we’d be in it together...

Trash Fish: Peleg Goes Fishing

WHEN I WAS SEVEN, my mind was sufficiently developed to decide that Father didn’t take me fishing enough. The year before, we had moved to Cortland, New York for Father’s first full time job in the English Department and Cortland State Teachers’ College. That’s right, Cortland, New York, home of Cortland fishing line, Cortland reels, Cortland you...