Gordon Churchill

Gordon Churchill is a longtime fisherman who runs the blog Capt. Gordon’s Fishing Reports, where he writes about fishing (including tips and tricks), fly tying, and family. Fly Fishing the Southeast Coast is his first book. He lives in Newport, North Carolina.

Author Articles

"Unique Flies I Use"

I was solo poling my skiff from the bow. The flat was pretty much in the backyard of some fancy houses and a family I knew was out watching me and saying hello. I looked to my right and I saw a tail pop up, probably the biggest one I had seen all summer. It was September and the tailing season would be over in a few more weeks. I was able to cast to this...

High Tide on the Grass Flats

It’s high tide in the marshy creeks along the North Carolina Coast. Scei, the red drum (Sceianops ocellatus), is in the deep water of the channels that flow through the marshes. Here she can swim easily and look for shrimp, crabs and minnows. When the water gets high enough, she will leave the channels and go onto the flats where fiddler crabs live. These...