Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson is an occasional Oil & Gas Man, dabbles in commercial banking and leasing, and tickles with developmental spine and neuro surgical devices. “Work: highly overrated, but cash flow’s required to feed the juice.” At the ripe age of five, on a mid-Missouri farm, Gary was handed a strange looking stick by his father—a fiberglass Fenwick fly rod, and a Pflueger Medalist reel with a box full of micro poppers. “Why don’t you give this a try on the pond out back. The Bluegill should be spawning,” his dad said with a coaxing, wise grin on his face. That nudge was it, setting in motion a fish passion that could not be satisfied by the confines of a midwestern pond.

Now strategically based in Colorado, enabling him to get to any trout stream at a moments notice, Gary has spent his adult years chasing all manner of finned foe. An accomplished steelheader, saltwater fly angler, fly tier, and trout crazed nut, Gary is a past fly shop owner of the oldest fly shop in Colorado and now spends his time exposing others to his addiction with flies, moving water, and the simple elegance that comes from catching fish on the fly. Gary is an amateur writer, photographer and fly rigging expert. He enjoys exchange with other anglers and cataloging his shenanigans at www.silklinesandpaperhulls.com.

Author Articles

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SOME TIME AGO, in a blog post I read (origin long forgotten), the author provided an alarming account of a speculative concern that Guiness Stout may no longer be offered in the US; lack of consumption being the root cause.  I immediately rushed to the liquor store and picked up several cases.  I have not been able to substantiate the opinion, nor have I...