Ed Mitchell

Ed Mitchell‘s work has appeared in many magazines, including Fly Fisherman, Fly-Fishing in New England, Fly Rod & Reel, Fly-Fishing in Saltwaters, Fly Tyer, Saltwater Fly Fishing, and Saltwater Sportsman.  He is also the author of three previous books: Fly Rodding the Coast, Fly Fishing the Saltwater Shoreline, and Fly Rodding Estuaries.  His website is www.edmitchelloutdoors.com.

Author Articles

Profile: Homer Rhode Jr.

One of the most intriguing figures in the first days of fly fishing in saltwater was a 6 foot 5 giant who wandered the wilds of the Everglades—often at night and often alone. Solitary by nature, he lived a life deeply immersed in the natural world. He loved the creatures of the “glades,” knew where they lived, how they conducted their lives, and even...