Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes has written many acclaimed fly fishing books, including Essential Trout Flies and Handbook of Hatches. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Author Articles

Essential Trout Flies: Hooks

Hooks in the size range used for trout flies get smaller as their numbers get larger, from size 2 at the largest down to size 24 at the smallest. Even-numbered hooks are used in today’s standard numbering system on our continent, for example sizes 12, 14, and 16, which happen to be the core set of sizes for trout fly hooks. It’s possible to buy hooks in...

Rigs and Methods for Dry Flies on Still Waters

YOU'LL USUALLY FISH DRY FLIES on lakes and ponds when you see trout rising to work a hatch of aquatic insects, a fall of terrestrial insects, or a flight of returning aquatic insects. Such feeding is usually localized, often over a shallow weedbed or near a stand of shoreside trees. The trout will often feed in pods, a loose gathering of trout that either...