Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett is the founder of Deneki Outdoors, a company that owns and operates fly fishing lodges in Alaska (Alaska West, Kanektok River), British Columbia (BC West, Dean River), the Bahamas (Andros South, South Andros Island), and Southern Chile (Chile West). He travels to fish, a lot. He also serves on the American Fly Fishing Trade Association board.

Author Articles

Tips for Saltwater Wading

IN WINTER MONTHS, many anglers like to head to the Bahamas for a break from the cold weather and a little bit of fun on the flats. In the Bahamas and many other parts of the world, anglers can chase bonefish on foot in very shallow water. Here’s the problem — bonefish swimming in very shallow water are often at their spookiest, especially when the...

Five Ways to Pack Better for Your Next Fishing Trip

GREAT, you've blocked off the time, rounded up your friends and spent some money on a fishing trip. When it's time to get packed, just a little extra effort will make your life a whole lot easier before and during the trip. Give these ideas a try the next time around! 1. Ditch your rod tubes. Yes, those aluminum rods tubes that came with your rods are...