Al Quattrocchi

Al Quattrocchi is an award-winning creative director, artist, writer, photographer, notable fly tier and passionate fly angler currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.  He founded the popular One Surf Fly in southern California, a free fly fishing beach event, lasting nine seasons while raising thousands of dollars for non-profits that supported saltwater fly fishing. Al was recently awarded the Ross Allen Marigold Complete Angler Award by the historic Pasadena Fly Casting Club. He has been involved in numerous other programs and events that support the growth of saltwater fly fishing. He recently published The Corbina Diaries, a book that celebrates and offers an introduction to these amazing west coast surf fish.

Author Articles

Fly Fishing for Corbina: "The Magic Window"

When the water level reaches the perfect depth, I call this “The Magic Window.” This is the period when there’s the right amount of water for the corbina to feel comfortable to do head stands and tail over the sand crab beds. This amount of water is between a foot and two feet. They slide in, reach the edge of the bed, dip down or head plow, then...