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Fly Tying Video: Magic Caddis

Rich Strolis says of the Magic Caddis, the subject of his newest tying video: “This fly is very easy to tie and is just another alternative to my Classified Caddis Pupa, is much flashier and draws attention to itself much …

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Tippets: Oregon Cracks Down on Guides, Tenkara Net Auction, Apes Who Went to Sea

“The pros want the rogues to pay,” say Oregon State Marine Board officials officials as they investigate how much business unlicensed guides are taking from the registered pros. Want to own a rare Tenkara net and give something to Japanese … more

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Tippets: Ranchers Protest Snake River Access, Colorado to Combine Parks & Wildlife, The Carwash Test

Ranchers protest Nebraska’s proposed purchase of three miles of the Snake River for public access. Colorado edges closer to combining the state’s parks and wildlife administrations. Kirk Deeter’s latest “mad scientist folly” will require donning goggles and holding his breath … more

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Patagonia Releases 2011 Digital Fly Fishing Catalog

It wasn’t due out until next week, but we got word yesterday that Patagonia’s digital catalog — a replacement for the less “green” version of yore — had been released. Featuring interesting videos (e.g. Craig Mathews fishes Tenkara on the … more

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Learn Double Haul Timing

Having with your Double Haul? There are lots of proven aids to getting it right, from the visual aid touted by Tom Rosenbauer (“lay a rope on the ground”) to more technical suggestions of Joan Wulff (“haul only on the … more

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Abaco Guides Ask for "No-Build" Zone

The Abaco Fly-Fishing Guide Association is asking the Bahamian government to declare around 1,800 acres of coastline in south Abaco off-limits to development. But it has taken more than a year for the Department of Physical Planning to respond, reports … more

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Fly Fishing People: Dr. Irving Weissman

Dr. Irving Weissman is a world-renowned stem cell researcher whose pioneering studies in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine may help cure cancer and many other devastating diseases. “As the immediate past president of the International Society for Stem Cell … more

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Tippets: "Natural" Dam Flows, "Green Tunnel" Video, Advice for Yellowstone Super, 60-Year-Old Albatross

Surprising? The USGS says that managing dam flows to better imitate natural water levels helps native trout. Kevin Gallagher compresses a six-month journey along the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail into five minutes of video. The communications director for the Greater Yellowstone … more

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Montanans Swarm State Capitol to Protest Stream Access Restrictions

High school students joined outfitters and conservationists in Butte, Montana to protest H.B. Bill 309, which many fear is a back door to blocking stream access for the state’s anlgers. As Nick Gevock reports in the Missoulian, “five students joined … more

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RIO Releases New StreamerTip Fly Line

RIO’s new StreamerTip line is based on the RIO’s Outbound Short profile, and features a clear front tip and aggressive taper for fast turnover of heavy flies. Read more in the MidCurrent Gear Guide.

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