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About Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker is a fly fisherman, writer, blogger and photographer living in Northern Michigan. He has fished the breaking stripers at Montauk to the high mountain lakes of Colorado and Washington and the big brook trout of Nipigon. You can keep up with him at his website, Fontinalis Rising.

In Search of Coasters


Five anglers. Five days. One mission. Five Michigan anglers will embark August 31 for Isle Royale National Park in search of the fabled Coaster brook trout. Their aim?  To catch and document these rare and enigmatic fish in order to … more

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The Hexes Are Coming

I stopped by a friend’s place on the lake on the way home tonight.  There, scattered across his window like upright fall leaves were some hexagenia and  brown drakes.  Thus it starts.  I can picture the scene out there on … more

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