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Gear Review: Shimano Dryfender 3T Raingear


International fishing power Shimano (parent company of G.Loomis) is launching a new line of raingear for 2012 called Dryfender 3T. I got a hold of some of the first samples (jacket and bibs), and took them straight to the car … more

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Gear Review: Renzetti Traveler Vise


By way of disclaimer, I want to say, at the onset, that I am a “necessity” fly tier and not an innovator or a passionate hobbyist behind the vise. I tie about a dozen basic patterns—classic dry flies, parachute dry … more

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Gear Review: Casio ProTrek Watch


For many anglers, the search for a rock-solid, dependable watch can be as challenging as a quest for the Holy Grail. I have a drawer filled with discarded—some very expensive—time pieces to prove that. On the one hand (not literally), … more

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Gear Review: Love the Spudz


Sometimes, fly fishing performance comes down to simple details, and simple products that help you do more, easier. One of the things that’s been clipped on my vest longer than I can remember is a simple little cleaning cloth from … more

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Gear Review: Hatch Outdoors Tempest Pliers


Let’s be honest. Van Staal is, and has been, the “gold standard” in fishing pliers for many years now, with very good reason. They don’t rust, they always grab, and always cut even the thickest line materials. They’ve even become … more

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Fly Rod Review: On the Water with Sage ESN


The more I dabble with European nymph fishing techniques, the more of a believer I am in their effectiveness. I recently had an opportunity to fish a 10-foot, 4-weight version of Sage’s just-introduced ESN (for European Style Nymphing) fly rods, … more

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A Note on Our New Gear Reviews


So much of the gear content you read in fly fishing magazines and elsewhere these days is driven by the “new factor.” I know, because I write a lot of those reviews. And I can also tell you that product … more

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New Two-Handed Rod Series from Allen


Allen FlyFishing is launching a line of two-handed rods called the “Olympic Series” that ranges in price from $329-$349. That’s a great pricepoint for someone who wants to dabble/learn their way into Spey casting (or just carry another long rod) … more

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TrueFlies Designs Fishing Clothes Sans “Commando” Look

TrueFlies president Michael Lintz and vice president Capt. Cole Fairbanks (who, between them, have over 75 years of experience on the water) embraced the notion that “just because it’s technical doesn’t mean it can’t look good” when they sought out … more

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LL Bean Pocket Water Fly Reel

LL Bean is coming out with a comprehensive and impressive array of reels, rods, waders, boots, vests and jackets for 2012. That starts with the “Pocket Water” fly reel, which is designed with the sound “minimalist” philosophy that fishing small … more

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