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Video: “Low & Clear” Launches Kickstarter Campaign

A lot has been said about “Low & Clear” here on MidCurrent and in the mainstream media.  But after self-funding the entire process, filmmakers Tyler Hughen and Khalil Hudson have run out of money, delaying the movie’s delivery into consumers’ hands.  As a …

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Glass and Flats

With miles and miles of flats and the ability to sight cast to 20-, 30-, even 50-pound fish, it’s no wonder that Beaver Island has been receiving more than ordinary publicity lately.  Luminaries such as Kirk Deeter and Conway Bowman … more

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Video Hatch: “Tails of Sunset”

Not as big as tarpon, not as sleek as permit, and not as romanticized as the bonefish, the redfish thrives in both clear-water estuaries and lagoons and the muddy water of bug-infested spartina marshes. The ubiquitous fish provides entertainment for …

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Video Hatch: “Cedar Drift Boats and Ten Pound Browns”

The very literally named “Cedar Drift Boats and Ten Pound Browns” follows Michigan boatmaker Phil Croff as he takes to the night in Michigan on the search for massive browns willing to take down a mouse pattern.  Along the way …

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Video Hatch: “The Troutification Trailer”

A wise man once said:  “Give a man a fly rod and he’ll entertain himself.  Give a man a fly rod and a video camera and he’ll entertain the world.”  All the way from Southern Sweden comes Troutification, with an …

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Video Hatch: “PREDATOR” Trailer

From attaching a feather to a hook, to subsurface bugs, to even “ghastly” weighted flies, there’s no question that fly fishing has come a long way from its genesis.  New equipment allows anglers to constantly push the limits in new …

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Sage ONE: It Takes Two

Not long ago Sage Manufacturing introduced the “ONE” Series of rods to much fanfare.  The rods, despite their high expectations and replacement of the popular Z-Axis, were met with approval from anglers.  Now, almost a year after the introduction, Sage … more

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Video Hatch: “TROUT 66°N”

Does the sound of 10-pound brown trout sipping bugs off the surface excite you?  If so, maybe Iceland is for you.  Although some in the angling community have realized the potential of this far north country, for the most part …

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Video Hatch: “CONTRAST”

Travis and Zack Boughton, the two brothers behind Montana Wild, obviously appreciate Montana and the bounty the state has to offer… especially the fishing.  A compilation of late-winter and early-spring days in various Montana locations, CONTRAST shows off the brothers’ filming, editing … more

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Video Hatch: “Hat Creek Restoration Plan”

Once home to over 5,000 trout per mile and nearly twenty fishable hatches throughout the year, Hat Creek is a shell of what it once was, according to CalTrout.  Among the issues that need to be addressed are an increase … more

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