Artist Ryan Sharpe

Ryan Sharpe

Ryan Sharpe:  “I am a pen and ink artist & scrap metal sculptor from Greensboro, NC. I specialize in creating images based around the sport of fly fishing.

Although my art is a secondary job, it is one that I am passionate about. While working as a metal fabricator in 2011, I saw an opportunity to create metal sculptures out of the scraps from the shop, or old material we would have left over from job sites. It was a common occurrence for my supervisors to find me rooting around in the scrap bins on a job site, looking for cool pieces that could be a head, or the body of some creature.

When looking for scraps, I do not have to be picky, as I have the tools to cut, bend, shape and weld them into about any type or size of metal. When I am not creating metal art, I am putting pen to paper and creating fly fishing inspired ink drawings.”