Artist Robert S. Murray

Robert S. Murray

“I was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1950. I grew up in Albuquerque and was blessed to have two uncles who loved to fish. They took me and my brother with them and taught us what they knew. We used bait and spinners to fish the streams of northern New Mexico around Taos and Tierra Amarilla. It was at this time I became fascinated by clear, cold moving water and the trout it held.

My family came to the Denver area in 1963 and I was exposed to Colorado streams and the fly fishing culture. I’ve used flies exclusively now for many years and practice catch and release. I have fond memories of my uncles and don’t hold the bait thing against them. Trout were considered food and I had to start somewhere.

I worked as a graphic artist and draftsman for several different outfits in Denver and as a technical illustrator for a major Colorado Aerospace company. My award winning illustrations appeared in numerous magazines and museum exhibits throughout the country.

In 1994 I struck out on my own with the blessings of a very understanding wife. I’ve sold through regional galleries and been included in a number of nationally promoted juried exhibitions.

I don’t consider myself to be exclusively a fishing artist, but I gravitate to the subject because I love being on the water and always seem to find something that needs to be painted. I plan my paintings as I fish and reconstruct the memory in my studio with photos and sketches.

Wilderness waters hold the greatest appeal for me because of the solitude they provide, so I backpack in and stay a while. The fishing is usually worth the effort.”

Robert S. Murray Art