Artist Justin Greshko

Justin Greshko

Justin Greshko of Edwards, CO focuses his visual storytelling largely on scenes that are synonymous with the Rocky Mountain mystique — from broad landscapes to specific flora and fauna. Using the natural beauty of found materials from the Rocky Mountains, Greshko crafts pieces that epitomize the modern, mountain aesthetic, while blazing a trail into new artistic territory.

“Throughout my lifetime I have employed a plethora of mediums in my art. However, I began developing this particular style of art after having built several pieces of furniture for our home many years ago. With the remaining materials; including wood, shed antlers, and stone, I created my first piece of antler art. From there, encouraging comments lead to further development of my work.

Following completion of undergraduate studies in biology and chemistry, I lived in Europe and spent much time in art museums and galleries. I worked in Northern Italy for a family of artisans. The patriarch of the family spent much time restoring centuries old wood and fabricating beautiful things in his wood shop.

I also ventured to Chilean Patagonia to be a fly fishing guide and lodge host. My career as a fly-fishing guide lends heavy influence to my work.  Other significant influences include Van Gogh, Picasso, Valter Grivel, Jackson Pollock, Jesus, DMB, Billy Graham, my wife and kids, Bob Branden, Led Zeppelin, classical music, Mom and Dad Greshko.”

Justin Greshko Art