Artist Bob Ripley

Bob Ripley

Bob Ripley is a lifelong resident of upstate New York and is an avid fly fisherman and outdoorsman. He is an honors graduate of Syracuse University and had a long career in advertising art direction before becoming a full-time artist. His watercolors have received national recognition and are widely collected.

His artistic philosophy and motivation are both simple and heartfelt: “Wildlife and natural forms have served as inspiration for my artwork since I was a little boy painting watercolors on cardboard shirt boxes. I’ve always been drawn to water and the creatures that inhabit the earth’s lifeblood… ducks, loons and fish, especially trout. Encounters with nature through my numerous outdoor hobbies provide a wide array of creative opportunities. Typically, my paintings result from a combination of reference photography, field notes and observations, and a good deal of imagination. Working in fine detail allows me to get into the animal or fish’s skin, so to speak.  Hopefully, my finished works capture a wild moment in the beauty of planet earth and remind us of its fragile nature.”

Bob Ripley Art