Artist Amy McMahon

Amy McMahon

Amy McMahon lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she focuses her creativity toward aquatic insects, portraying their intricate details with her black and white ink illustrations.  Amy, a self-taught artist, graduated with a B.S. in Biological Science from Colorado State University where her studies were focused on insects and ecology.  She currently works as an aquatic biologist at Timberline Aquatics, Inc., where she is able to daily increase her knowledge and skill set, and work in  an environmental field she is passionate about.

By encountering aquatic macroinvertebrates on a daily basis, Amy continues to build on her insect identification skills.  Amy is currently a Society of Freshwater Science certified taxonomist in both the Western EPT (Ephemeroptera, Plectoptera, Trichoptera) and Western Chironomidae taxa groups.  Her background in Biology and entomology have not only developed her interest in artistic renderings of insects, but increased her knowledge of the details required to create accurate portrayals of these unique, detailed, and beautiful subjects.  When Amy isn’t behind a microscope or working on her artwork, she can be found with her border collie, Rio, hiking in the mountains or trying to land her next monster trout.

Amy McMahon Art