Bajio Launches Temples of Change Campaign

August 26, 2022 By: Spencer Durrant

bajio temples of changeBajio, the sunglasses manufacturer, announced a new campaign in conjunction with Oceanus, A.C., and artist Piper Nunn to help save coral reefs in Xcalak, Mexico.

Whenever someone buys a set of Nato Permit Tail or Balam Coral Reef Frames from the new Temples of Change collection, Bajio donates $20 to Oceanus, A.C., and “one coral colony is planted and maintained,” according to a press release from Bajio. Each coral that’s planted will grow up to five square meters, per Bajio, which can help restore ocean populations that are necessary for for fish habitat.

Oceanus, A.C., created the coral restoration program that Bajio is contributing to,. Nunn is an artist who created artwork specifically for the Temples of Change collection of sunglasses frames.

You can learn more about Oceanus, A.C., here. You can view the new frames from Bajio here.