AFFTA Announces Partnership With TrackFly

July 18, 2022 By: Spencer Durrant

affta bannerThe American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) has announced a partnership with SaaS company TrackFly. The partnership will “revolutionize how the fly fishing industry collects data to provide the most accurate picture ever created of the industry,” according to a press release from AFFTA.

TrackFly is a software service that “provides data aggregation, analysis, and sharing between manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to increase visibility and enhance relationships between trading partners in the supply chain.”

Tracking trends in fly fishing manufacturing should be beneficial for AFFTA members, according to Lucas Bissett, executive director of AFFTA, said.

“Helping to track trends and aid our businesses in making informed decisions is one of the highest priorities of the trade association,” Bissett said. “We believe that this partnership with TrackFly will afford us that opportunity in the biggest way possible. Knowing that we are going to produce more real-time and accurate reports for our members using automated data feels like a major step into the future.”

TrackFly is excited for the opportunity to work with AFFTA, as well.

“At TrackFly, we are committed to building advanced tools and analytics available for businesses of all sizes as we navigate the new and evolving supply chain,” said Stephen Baird, CEO of TrackFly. “People and communities can now connect and share information faster than ever. The time is long overdue for all businesses to have that same level of connection, and we look forward to partnering with AFFTA in this mission to see fly fishing businesses band together like never before.”

You can view more information about the partnership here.