Warming Colorado River Threatens Trout

July 6, 2022 By: Spencer Durrant

Arizona has some decent trout fishing, especially where the Colorado River flows through the state. On the section known as Lee’s Ferry (downstream of the Glen Canyon Dam, upstream of the Grand Canyon), however, warming water levels are starting to threaten the trout.

Lee’s Ferry is a tailwater, since the Glen Canyon Dam sits just upstream. Normally, cold water releases from the dam keep this section of the Colorado River the perfect temperature for both trout and trout fishing. With Lake Powell at historically low levels, however, the water coming through Glen Canyon Dam is warming up with each passing day.

According to this story from NBC 12 News in Arizona, water temperatures in the Lee’s Ferry area are already in the mid-60s.

You can read more about the impacts this may have on the Colorado River fishery in Arizona here.