Dr. Slick Debuts 2022 Product Lineup

August 29, 2021 By: Spencer Durrant

Dr. Slick Bullet Head Pliers

It’s the season for new gear announcements, and Dr. Slick has some great stuff lined up for anglers in 2022. Below is a press release from Dr. Slick that details what the company’s offering for next year’s gear.

Three prism-finish fishing pliers, three prism-finish hair stackers and a new jet black hook de-barbing pliers have been added to Dr. Slick’s arsenal of fishing and fly tying tools for 2022. 

The prism finish will now be available on Dr. Slick’s Bullet Head, Chain Nose, and Barracuda pliers together with three sizes of stainless steel hair stackers. The finish is attained through a metallurgical process which creates a hard surface through a titanium nitrite coating that forms a distinctive blue, green, red and orange.  The new prism-finished tools will join the current lineup of prism scissors and clamps. 

No two finishes on any tool are the same.  The finish also adds additional protection from salt water. 

For fly tiers, the prism-finish on Hair Stackers is more than cosmetic; it creates an ultra hard surface with low static buildup for smooth stacking results.  

The black smooth jaw Barb Pliers are accompanied by a full-swivel coiled bungee lanyard and molded clip-on swivel holster.  

All new Dr. Slick tools and accessories will be available Oct. 1.


New for 2022 Dr. Slick Products and Suggested Retail Prices


5.5-inch stainless steel Bullet Head Prism Pliers $43

6-inch stainless steel Chain Nose Prism Pliers $43

8.5-inch stainless steel Barracuda Prism Pliers $43


1.75-inch stainless steel Prism Hair Stacker $26

2-inch stainless steel Prism Hair Stacker $28

2.75-inch stainless steel Prism Hair Stacker $30


5-inch stainless steel Barb Pliers $16