A Profile on Captains for Clean Water

January 29, 2021 By: Spencer Durrant

captains for clean waterI’ve been vaguely aware of the issues plaguing the Everglades, if only because they’re similar to the ones I face here in the Rockies. Bad water management, overconsumption of resources, and a general disregard for the natural world is a recipe for disaster, and that plays out nearly everywhere that mankind encroaches on what was once wilderness.

I didn’t, however, understand just how perilous things were down in Florida until reading Hilary Hutcheson’s fantastic, in-depth piece in Fly Fisherman Magazine about Captains for Clean Water. They’re a nonprofit group aiming to make massive changes to water management in Florida to save the Everglades – and in large part, they’re succeeding.

Hutcheson’s piece is a must-read for everyone who values clean water. You can do so here.