How to Stop the Dreaded Bird’s Nest

September 7, 2020 By: Marshall Cutchin

Kent Klewein writes: “‘In the film A River Runs Through It,’ Jerry Siem (one of the casting stuntmen) never watched his backcast. It’s important to note that his fly casting skill level ranks among the best in the world, which allowed him to get away without doing this. It’s also pertinent to point out he was casting a single dry fly in the movie scene, not a tandem nymph rig with split-shot and a strike indicator. Could he have made the same casts in the movie with a tandem nymph rig without tangles, of course he could, but that doesn’t mean every other angler out there should try to mimic him.”  Read his five tips on how to prevent a bird’s nest on Gink & Gasoline.