Conservation from the Couch

May 4, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

Every morning we wake up, and it feels like we’re on an alien planet. “Captain’s log: quarantine day, who the hell knows. We’re tracking the movements of two dog hair tumbleweeds from quadrant living room to planet kitchen. We have our phasers set to stun. They could be hostile!”

If your days are going anything like ours, we could all use some much needed human interaction and a connection to our angling community. Lucky for you and those pesky tumbleweeds, Moldy Chum, and the American Fly Fishing Trade Association are teaming up on a new series we are calling “Conservation From the Couch”.

For the next few weeks while you’re still stuck on your couch, we’ll be bringing you a series of light-hearted conservation conversations. From stripers, to tarpon, to redfish, to steelhead, every few days we will be virtually circling the couch wagons to round up leading conservation organizations, guides, and fly shop owners to discuss the state of our fisheries and how you can fight for our fish from the couch.

So instead of constantly being stumped by your kid’s 3rd grade math homework, Zoom drunk dialing your fishing buddies, tying enough flies to make Tom Rosenbauer envious of your whip finishing skillz, launching your own podcast, getting on Facebook and then pondering why you’re still on Facebook, and formulating another plausible theory for where Carol Baskin’s husband is, tune into Conservation from the Couch and learn what you can do, from the couch, to conserve our fisheries. Heck, you don’t even need to put on pants. 

All the details you need to know are right here.