FlyOn Development Launches SwiftTrack

April 14, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

The inception of The FlyOn Development Center LLC began as a Cottage Business midsummer 2019 in Austin Texas and have since introduced products that have attributes that surpass current techniques used in the Strike Indicator, Sighter and Suspender Fly Fishing Accessory Market Space that will revolutionize the Sighter to Leader attachment method currently in use today.

SwiftTrack is the newest addition to the Sliding Band Sighter Product Line and now available. Orders will be packaged with a quantity of (5) by Product Number only.

  • New configuration
  • New materials
  • Targeted for 12 to 22 nymphing in the range up to and including fast riffle
  • Drift tracking
  • Tested to achieve a positive floatation capability
  • Provided in assorted colors
  • Pearl flash post
  • Adjustment on the leader can be made easily by wetting your thumb and forefinger, then gasping only the band to relocate to a different location
  • Easy on and off leader with no distortion/damage, no floatant required for buoyancy, and sighter is perpendicular to the leader

Visit the website below to access the Learning Center with both written and video instructions on the use of the Sliding Band Sighter and the Store for the complete Product Line.