California Anglers Fight for Right to Recreate

April 10, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

It’s not often that I get to report on positive news coming out of California. In many ways, it’s the Florida of the West. But a recent article in the Redding Record Searchlight gives me some hope that all common sense is not lost in the Golden State.

Per the article, a meeting by the California Fish and Game Commission was cancelled after too many users tried to join the online video conference. The meeting was supposedly going to determine restrictions on anglers’ rights throughout the state, a topic that’s been hotly debated as 42 states have issued formal stay-at-home orders.

As Terry Jepsen, COO of The Fly Shop in Redding, CA, is quoted as saying, “Getting outdoors is helping people and with fly fishing you can’t be within six feet of people. We’re allowing people to go walking on river trails and our concern is that we are taking away a right for people to go into the outdoors.”

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